Wild Appalachia

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The Purveyor is no ordinary vendor. She only deals in legendary items, and only accepts a unique currency, called Legendary Scrip, as payment. You can use the Exchange Machines that appeared at Train Stations earlier this week to break down legendary items that were collecting dust in your Stash into Legendary Scrip. Once you’ve lined your pockets with some Scrip, travel to the previously abandoned Train Station in Berkeley Springs and find the Purveyor within.

The Purveyor has a vast collection of legendary items at her disposal and will allow you to choose whether you’d like to buy armor, melee weapons, or ranged weapons. You will also be able to pick whether your item will have one, two, or three legendary attributes. However, she doesn’t allow buyers to haggle over the exact details of an item and instead will select its legendary attributes at the time of purchase. This means that while you will always receive an item that fits the type and star-rating you’ve selected, its attributes will be decided at random. Additionally, Legendary Scrip prices vary based on the type of item and star-rating you select.

Don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to visit Legendary Exchange Machines just yet, because they’re not going anywhere. Use them whenever you’ve collected legendary items that you don’t want to keep, and then visit the Purveyor anytime after to add new gear to your collection.